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Rubber seal products mainly use NR, IR, SBR, NBR, ACM and EPDM as the major rubber, which are involved in various industries. To solve the problems that powdery additives are prone to flying about and not easy to disperse, Chengcheng developed the pre-dispersed master batch.

Chengcheng New Materials offers both conventional products and high-dispersion products - the HD series, which are excellent pre-dispersing aids for industrial products. According to the number of filter meshes, they can be divided into three types: 80-mesh, 100-mesh and 150-mesh.

We provide below rubber chemicals in HD grade to our automotive and mechanical engineering industries’ customer.

Curing agent: S-80HD

Thiurams: TMTD-75HD, TMTM-80 HD

Diazoles: MBTS-75HD, MBT-80HD

Sulfonamides: CBS-80 HD, TBBS-80HD

Dithiocarbamates: ZDBC-75HD

1. Mainly use EPDM / EVA as polymer binders, and improve compatibility of polarity and non-polarity components.

2. Control Mooney specifications, show excellent dispersion when at incorporating temperature; tack free at room temperature.

3. Control the grade of filtration; filter out the impurities and particles in the product, improve its dispersion; reduce the scrap rate of finished products in customer side.

4. Without or with a few surface release agents, make sure less impurity.

In addition, as a result of the moisture absorption of the rubber chemical agents, the chemical agents which containing water would produce blisters in process, especially during extrusion mold processing. The gas can not be exhausted in extrusion mold processing, which will easily lead to blisters issues. We especially commend this product to solve this problem:

As a dispersant treated desiccant, CaO-90 can solve the blisters problem in process and not pollute the environment at all. The series products of CaO-80 HD Pre-dispersed Polymer Bound Chemicals fulfill the demands of high moisture absorbency, good dispersion in the host compounds, as well as avoiding blisters issues.